Nintendo UK’s “Girls Club” Launched

We’ve seen a variety of marketing efforts come forth in recent weeks as Nintendo strives to do everything it can to reach various demographics, and Nintendo UK’s latest effort is either a very good idea… or a very bad one.

Nintendo UK has launched a YouTube channel called the “Nintendo Girls Club”, which has a focus on videos for the 2DS & 3DS. There are some older commercials on there—so it’s been in soft launch, it seems—and a number of new videos and an introduction.

The main presenter right now appears to be Jorgie Porter, an actress from the UK whose main role has been in a UK TV-soap opera called Hollyoaks. Another upcoming YouTuber, Mandy Hynes, has a few “unboxing” videos on the channel as well.

Here’s one of the videos, but head on over and see if you know someone who might be interested in this (ie. young teenage girls, perhaps?):


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