E3 2014: New Kirby Game for Wii U

Like many of Nintendo’s announcements this year at E3, the announcement of Kirby’s new game slipped in among many other announced games over the course of today’s 8-hour onslaught!

The new game will be on the Wii U, with a world made of clay. It has a wonderful, stop-motion feel to the visual, and resembles the DS game Canvas Curse in a number of ways. You’ll also be using the stylus to guide Kirby around, which will also be familiar for those who played the aforementioned title.

In Kirby’s newest adventure, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, our pink friend will have plenty of transformations to draw on—rocket, tank, and so forth—and the stylus will allow for Kirby to really motor through the various environments in a variety of ways.

There’s no release date set for this game as of yet, but watch the trailer below for a little more taste of what’s to come.


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