PAX South: Second Impressions – Adventures of Pip (Wii U)

You may recall our First Impressions post about Adventures of Pip from PAX Prime 2014, where we were very impressed with how the game looked at the time. It had an old-school appeal about it, and the game’s Kickstarter was 50% funded when we wrote up that first article.

At PAX South, the team returned to show off their latest work on the upcoming game. The team earned $25K over their intended goal and was funded on October 4th, and has been continuing work on it ever since.

During our demo time at the booth, the game played very smoothly with one minor exception, which the developers made a note of and decided to change—the visibility of an AoE action was very low, which prevented our Nintendo Fire head editor Micah from completing the demo level in one smooth run. So close!

Since we’ve already outlined what the game is about in our previous write-up, we’ll say here that it runs and looks a lot better than it did even just a few months ago. The evolve feature from one big pixel to 16-bit to 32-bit runs smoothly and the environment reacts immediately to what you’re doing (provided you’re in the proper radius, of course… heh).

Our team member Micah did find the demo level to be a little too easy, lacking any real challenge, but he’s also a veteran of side-scrollers and we’re assuming that the Tic Toc Games team brought the most “pick-up-and-play-able” of their levels to demo. Better to get a good feel for the game than to go away feeling defeated, right?

It’s our hope that the rest of the levels provide a little more challenge, a little more danger and moments of “ahh, noooo!” It should be pointed out that when Nintendo Fire team member Faith watched others play, there were a few locations in the demo that seemed tricky for those players, so it could also be a matter of experience.

Either way, Adventures of Pip looks to be coming along nicely, and we’re looking forward to seeing it on the Wii U.


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