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What we know about Super Mario on the Wii U

By Micah, July 5, 2011 0 Mario, News, Wii U

Well, we know it’s being made.  After that we don’t know much.  But, there are a few things that have come out in an interview with Yoshiaki Koizuma that might give us half a clue.  Or perhaps a third of… Read More »

Club Nintendo 2011 Rewards – Really guys?

By Micah, July 4, 2011 0 Club Nintendo, News

Two years ago, platinum members of Club Nintendo, meaning you managed to amass 600 or more coins in a July-June time frame registering games and systems and taking surveys, you were sent a pretty nice Mario hat.  Last year, a… Read More »

11 Ocarina of Time details, lost to… time?

By Micah, June 30, 2011 0 3DS, News

1. Zelda games are about the relationship between Zelda, Link and Ganon This may seem to be obvious, but think about it.  Zelda games have this epic feel to them, but that’s not what the games are about.  Miyamoto explains… Read More »

Welcome to Nintendo Fire!

By Dave, June 26, 2011 0 News, Systems

Welcome to the relaunch of Nintendo Fire, a new blog about everything Nintendo!